French Program Faculty

French Program Faculty

Cheryl Toman

Department Chair, Professor of French

(205) 348-5059

Thomas Carlton

Instructor of French

(205) 348-5059

Isabelle Drewelow

Associate Professor of French and Applied Linguistics

(205) 348-5059

Bruce  T.  Edmunds

Bruce T. Edmunds

Associate Professor of French, Director, French Convention

(205) 348-5059

Carmen Mayer

Associate Professor of French, Director of External Scholarships and Fellowships

(205) 348-5059

Michael D. Picone

Emeritus Professor of French and Linguistics

Jean Luc Robin

Associate Professor of French, Director of French Undergraduate Studies

(205) 348-5059

Gina Stamm

Assistant Professor of French

(205) 348-5059

April Stevens

Assistant Professor of French, Faculty Advisor, Cercle Français

(205) 348-5059

David Tezil

Assistant Professor of French Linguistics

(205) 348-5059

K. Maxime Vignon

Assistant Professor of French, Coordinator, Affairs for African and International Graduate Students in French

(205) 348-9067

Metka Zupancic

Emerita Professor of French and Modern Languages

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