FLEX Volunteer Outreach Program

The goal of this French Language Exploration (FLEX) volunteer program is to provide a foundation for foreign language study to children enrolled in 2nd grade at University Place Elementary School. The weekly 30-minute lessons introduce French vocabulary that supports the other classroom lessons (for example, studying season vocabulary while children are learning about weather, working on counting for math practice, etc.) and offer opportunities to explore the Francophone culture.

Our objective is to familiarize children with the notion that thoughts can be expressed in another language and develop an appreciation of other societies and customs to nurture their global citizenship.

Read about the Flex Program in The Crimson White.

Who can volunteer?

  • Undergraduate students who have completed FR102.
  • All students working with children or in a school building when children are present must complete and pass a background check before volunteering.
  • The cost for the background check is $23.
  • All volunteers must attend a short training meeting.

What do volunteers do?

  • Teach 30 minutes once a week (Fridays at 11:30AM)
  • Receive prepared lesson plans and materials.
  • Follow lesson plan directions to progress through the activities tailored to the class level.

Interested in volunteering for the FLEX program?

Contact Dr. Stevens for more information on volunteering and the background check process.