Do you want to declare a Foreign Languages and Literature Major with a French concentration? Do you want to declare a French minor? Do you have questions about which courses to take in the French program as part of the FFL-French major or French minor?

Zoom advising with French Faculty is available from October 2 to November 10, 2023 on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the times specified below.


Zoom link 10:00-10:30Dr. Thomas Carlton  

Zoom link 10:30-11:00Dr. David Tezil  

Zoom link 11:00-11:30Dr. Jean-Luc Robin


Zoom link 10:00-10:30Dr. Isabelle Drewelow  

Zoom link 10:30-11:00Dr. Maxime Vignon 

Zoom link 11:00-11:30Dr. Gina Stamm 

No prior appointment necessary. When you enter the zoom call, you will be auto-muted and might be placed into a virtual waiting room. Please wait until the advisor lets you in the session.

If you cannot attend during the regular advising sessions, please email one of the advisors to request an appointment.

For questions about French placement or for enrollment FR101, FR102, FR201, or FR202, please contact Dr. April Stevens