French Grad Students

French Grad Students

Lincoln Auvil

Lincoln Auvil is a Ph.D. student pursuing a degree in French Linguistics. He earned his BA in French at the University of Alabama in Spring 2022, and his MA in French Linguistics at the University of Alabama in Spring 2023.

Djimeli Raoul Simplice

Djimeli Raoul is a Cameroonian writer, journalist and cultural activist. He is the publisher of the literary Magazine Clijec Mag’ ( and the President of the African Festival of Emerging writers. His poems, fictions and nonfictions are published in French, English and translated in Spanish, Kiswahili, Yemba… In 2018, Djimeli Raoul co-coordinated the poetry project Ashes and Memories, on the Anglophone war in Cameroon. He has just published his second volume of poems, Le front brûlant de l’aube. His research focuses on the development of the literary institution of black Africa and the writing of independence wars in African literature.

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