Fall Series: Crime and Punishment

September 11, 6PM BB Comer 203

Le Samouraï (1967)

A “film noir” shot in color brings together a master director and star of the genre to portray a contract killer with the discipline of a samouraï.

September 25, 6:30PM BB Comer 203

Made in France (2015)

The lives of radicalized French youth who wish to carry out attacks in their own country, as seen through the eyes of a journalist.

October 16, 6:00PM BB Comer 203

L’Enquête/The Clearstream Affaire (2014)

This thriller dramatizes the investigation of one of the biggest corruption scandals in recent French history.

October 30, 6:00PM BB Comer 203

Les Diaboliques (1955)

Just in time for Halloween. In this classic chiller two women plot revenge on the man who abuses them, but nothing is as it seems…

November 20, 6:00PM BB Comer 203

Un prophète/A Prophet (2009)

A young man entering prison must learn to negotiate the complex society there, and he soon learns to rise to the top by any means necessary.