Jean Luc Robin

Jean Luc  ROBIN

Associate Professor of French | Undergraduate Major Advisor; Director, UA in France 2018

Office Hours

Monday 3-5 PM


PhD, University of Oregon

MA, University of Oregon

Maîtrise de philosophie, Université Paul Valéry, Montpellier III

Research Interests

Jean Luc Robin’s special field of research in French 17th-century literature and thought is interdisciplinary in approach. Focusing on Descartes and Molière, his research program addresses the relationships between literature and science during the scientific revolution and the contemporaneous emergence of classical literature in France. It also theorizes the philosophy of Molière from the perspective of dramaturgy.

He has a book in progress, Impie en philosophie ? Dramaturgie et pensée chez Molière.

Dr. Robin teaches at all levels of the French studies curriculum, and his graduate teaching expertise stretches from the Renaissance through the Enlightenment periods. He also teaches courses on French and Francophone film.

Selected Publications

Recent publications have appeared or are forthcoming in several books (Mineurs, minorités, marginalités au Grand Siècle; Molière: toujours et encore!; Lieux de culture dans la France du XVIIe siècleOmbres de MolièreConcordia Discors) and journals, including Les Lettres romanes, Arrêt sur scène / Scene focusCahiers du dix-septième, Coulisses and Seventeenth-Century French Studies.

Dr. Robin also presents research papers in national and international conferences on French seventeenth-century literature, history and philosophy of science, early-modern literature and thought, on Molière, and on Tintin.