Dr. Fabio Battista publishes latest book, a translation of Federico Della Valle’s “The Queen of Scots: La reina di Scotia”


Fabio Battista 



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Description from University of Toronto Press:

“From the moment of her spectacular death on the scaffold, the story of Mary Queen of Scots became nothing short of a sensation across Europe. She was executed on 8 February 1587, and her death was the climax of a captivity that lasted over eighteen years. Shortly after the event, Federico Della Valle, one of Italy’s most accomplished dramatists of the time, composed¬†La reina di Scotia¬†(The Queen of Scots), a tragedy depicting the final hours of the Scottish queen’s life.

With its restrained tone, streamlined action, and refined poetic language,¬†The Queen of Scots ranks among the very best of early modern Italian drama. In this book, Fabio Battista provides an English-language annotated edition of Della Valle’s work, accompanied by a comprehensive introduction exploring the fictional afterlife of Mary Queen of Scots from the early modern period to today. The volume also includes the English translation of a widely circulated letter detailing the queen’s momentous execution. Made available to an English-speaking audience for the first time, this tragedy is the earliest dramatic reworking of the death of Mary Queen of Scots in a modern vernacular, spearheading a tradition that endures to this day.”