Bryan Koronkiewicz

Associate Professor of Spanish Linguistics


  • PhD, Hispanic Linguistics, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2014
  • MA, Hispanic Linguistics, University of Illinois at Chicago, 2010
  • BA, Spanish / Communication Arts, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Dr. Koronkiewicz’s research interests include bilingualism, code-switching, syntax, applied linguistics, quantitative/experimental methodology, heritage speaker bilingualism, methodological concerns in bilingual research, and Second Language Acquisition.
Koronkiewicz is an Associate Professor of Spanish Linguistics, and he has regularly taught graduate courses on bilingualism, syntax, code-switching, and second language teaching methods. His undergraduate courses run the gamut from first-year language courses to upper-level linguistics courses.

Selected Publications

  • Koronkiewicz, B. (2022b). Preposition stranding in Spanish-English code-switching. Languages, 7(1), 45. doi 10.3390/languages7010045
  • Koronkiewicz, B. (2022a). Adverbs in Spanish-English code-switching: Comparing verb raising and non-raising. International Journal of Bilingualism 26(2), 227-254.  doi: 10.1177/13670069211057955
  • Issa, B., Koronkiewicz, B., & Faretta-Stutenberg, M. (2022). Second-language writing in university-level basic language programs: A survey of student and instructor beliefs. Foreign Language Annals 55(2), 383-407. doi: 10.1111/flan.12609
  • Koronkiewicz, B. (2020). Subject-predicate code-switching: Testing the need of a matrix language through embedding. In A. Morales-Front, M. J. Ferreira, R. P. Leow & C. Sanz (Eds.), Hispanic linguistics: Current issues and new directions (pp. 249-264). Philadelphia: John Benjamins. doi:10.1075/ihll.26.12kor
  • Drewelow, I., Koronkiewicz, B., & Range, R. (2019). Rethinking and shifting discourses and practices of “testing”: From accuracy to engagement with situated contexts. In B. Dupuy & K. Michelson (Eds.), Pathways to paradigm change: Critical examinations of prevailing discourses and ideologies in second language education (pp. 53-82). Boston: Cengage.
  • Koronkiewicz, B. (2019). Control stimuli in experimental code-switching research. Languages, 4(3), 67. doi:10.3390/languages4030067.
  • Ebert, S., & Koronkiewicz, B. (2018). Monolingual data as a foundation for analyzing code-switching data. Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism 8(1), 25-66. doi:10.1075/lab.16007.ebe
  • Koronkiewicz, B. (2018). Acquiring L1-English L2-Spanish code-switching: The role of exposure to language mixing. Languages, 3(3), 26. doi:10.3390/languages3030026
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  • Miller, A. M., Morgan, W. J., & Koronkiewicz, B. (2018). Like or tweet: Analysis of the use of Facebook and Twitter in the language classroom. TechTrends, 63(5), 550-558. doi:10.1007/s11528-018-0341-2
  • González-Vilbazo, K., & Koronkiewicz, B. (2016). Tú y yo can code-switch, nosotros cannot: Pronouns in Spanish-English code-switching. In R. E. Guzzardo Tamargo, C. Mazak & M. C. Parafita Cuoto (Eds.), Spanish-English Code-switching in the Caribbean and the US (pp. 237-260). Philadelphia: John Benjamins. doi:10.1075/ihll.11.10gon
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  • González-Vilbazo, K., Bartlett, L., Downey, S., Ebert, S., Heil, J., Hoot, B., Koronkiewicz, B., & Ramos, S. E. (2013). Methodological considerations in code-switching research. Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics 6(1), 118-138. doi:10.1515/shll-2013-1143