Congratulations to Our 2016 Student Honorees

The French program presented the following student awards in 2016:

  • James Lamar McCann Award for Excellence in French: Jake Warner
  • Prix d’excellence en français: Molly Deaver & Katie L. Plott
  • Outstanding French Majors: Abigail R. Calhoun, Samantha Cassidy, & Maria O. Gerasikova
  • Outstanding French Minors: Alexander Engeriser, Gaby Lindley, & Leah Russell
  • Outstanding Freshmen in French: Amy Saunders & Tiffany Bailey
  • Outstanding Service by a French Undergraduate Student: Helmi Henkin
  • Special Recognition for a Student in French: Matthew Gawlik
  • Outstanding Service by a French Graduate Student: Shannon Skelton
  • Outstanding Research by a French Graduate Student: Caroline R. Carden
  • Outstanding Teaching by French Graduate Students: Kelilah Anders & Maud Barthès
  • Special Recognition of the UALC 2016 Committee Members: Paula Renzi-Callaghan