a group of students from the Alabama in Spain summer programThe University of Alabama has a study abroad summer program in Spain (Madrid).

See the Education Abroad pages on UA in Spain: Summer Session I and UA in Spain: Summer Sessions I & II for more details about the program.

Recent course offerings and prerequisites include

  • SP352-800 Spanish Conversation (SP201 & SP202)
  • SP354-800 Advanced Grammar and Composition (SP201 & SP202)
  • SP364-800 Spanish Civilization (SP353)
  • SP372-800 Survey of Peninsular Literature II (SP353 & SP356)
  • SP390-800 Art & Museums I (The monastery of El Escorial) (SP353 & SP356)
  • SP426-800 Contemporary Literature (SP353 & SP356 & SP371 or 372)
  • SP490-800 Art & Museums II (Advisor’s approval)
  • SP491-800 Cervantes (Advisor’s approval)