The Spanish Convention is an annual event organized by the Spanish Program at the Department of Modern Languages & Classics (MLC) and the Federación de los Círculos del Español de Alabama (FCEA). The Spanish Convention brings together Alabama high school Spanish clubs for a fun day of competitions and events every spring. All students participate in a variety of activities, ranging from linguistic, literary and cultural elements of the Hispanic world.

The Spanish Program is proud to host the Spanish Convention every year, as it is an exceptional way for the University of Alabama to reach students throughout the state and provide them the opportunity to engage with the language they love. High school students have the opportunity to see campus life and earn prizes in competitions, including artwork, theater and talent, literary recitation, sight reading, and multiple levels of grammar and vocabulary. At the same time, this event allows high school students to experience a glimpse of the educational, social and professional opportunities they can take advantage of if they choose to pursue their higher education at our institution.

Event participation varies each year, but attendance has remained strong every year! In the past few conventions, the Spanish Program has hosted a great deal of enthusiastic high school students:

2013      Spring, 805 students

2014      Spring, 646 students

2015      Spring, 1023 students

2016      Spring, 819 students

2017      Spring, 773 students

2018      Spring, 663 students

If you have questions about the date, location, logistics or registration with UA for this year’s Spanish Convention, please contact us at For specific details about the competition, its requirements and registration with the FCEA, please visit their website linked above, or contact their president directly at