Spanish Basic Language Tutoring

Spanish tutoring is focused on basic language development and is specifically provided for 100- and 200-level students.

Use the following links to join each tutor’s respective Zoom meeting room:

Tutoring Guidelines and Expectations

NOTE: You can also download a printable version of this information: Tutoring guidelines and expectations (PDF)

Please review the following guidelines and expectations regarding what is allowed and not allowed during tutoring hours provided by the Spanish section.

A tutor will

  • Instruct new concepts
  • Review concepts
  • Answer student questions regarding grammar
  • Assist students to find appropriate vocabulary words using bilingual dictionaries
  • Point out, but not fix, student composition errors
  • Give hints to students to help them correct their own composition mistakes
  • Give hints to students to help them complete their online assignments
  • Provide guidance to students to help them with their homework where appropriate
  • Encourage and inspire students

A tutor will not

  • Serve as a dictionary or grammar reference book
  • Fix student composition errors
  • Write student compositions or escrituras
  • Complete students’ online assignments or other homework assignments

While tutoring is a valuable service that is vital to the development of Spanish students here at The University of Alabama, students are not allowed to ask the tutors to complete their homework, help write or correct their escrituras, or request assistance that goes beyond the limits of aiding students in their learning as outlined in these guidelines and expectations.