2018 Spanish Awards

Tuesday, April 3, 2018 – 4:30 pm
Gorgas Library 205

Outstanding Undergraduate Students

Outstanding Student at the 100-level
Margaret Bullington

Outstanding Student at the 200-level
Lucie Dierikx  and  Bryan Winkler

Outstanding Student at the 300-level
Jacob Ricketts and  Carly Gross

Outstanding Student at the 400-level
Cameron Smock

Best Essay at the 400 level
Jacob Martin

The George Griffin Brownell Sr.
Award for Excellence in Spanish

Outstanding Overall Undergraduate Student in Spanish
Theresa Stoddard

Outstanding Graduate Students

Outstanding Graduate Student
Giovani López

Outstanding Teaching by a Graduate Student
Laura Rubio

Outstanding Service by a Graduate Student
William Justin Morgan

Honorable Mention in Service
Stacey M. Jacobson

Special recognition to our graduating MA and PhD students
MA, Spanish: Keturah Nichols, Jenna Reynolds
MA, Romance Languages: Meaghan Coogan
Ph.D: Sara Finney, Alyssia Miller, Laura Rubio, Jana Thomas Coffman, Giovanni Zimotti