2023 Spanish Academic Honors and Awards Reception

Thursday, April 6, 2023, at 3.30pm in 253 Ten Hoor Hall.

Outstanding Undergraduate Students

Outstanding Student at the 100-level

Emily L. Adcock

Outstanding Student at the 200-level

Ethan D. Henry

Brook E. Holley

Outstanding Student at the 300-level

Anastasia Ramig

Outstanding Student at the 400-level

Evelyn L. Lanai

Best Essay at the 400 level

Jacob A. Camden

Brownell Prize for Best Student

L. Alex Landgraf

Maxwell A. Sahli

Outstanding Graduate Students

Outstanding Research by a Graduate Student

Ana Belén Álvarez Vivo

Outstanding Teaching by a Graduate Student

Riley J. VanMeter

Outstanding Graduate Student at the MA Level

Emma R. Bearden

Outstanding Graduate Student at the PhD Level

Sarah Valentín-Sánchez

And here are a few other pictures from the ceremony: