2022 Spanish Academic Honors and Awards Reception

Thursday, April 7, 2022, at 4pm in Gorgas 2020 (Camellia room)

Outstanding Undergraduate Students

Outstanding Student at the 100-level

Eleonora Newell

Lauryn Emrick

Outstanding Student at the 200-level

Cameron Dawson

Outstanding Student at the 300-level

Maxwell Frampton

Outstanding Student at the 400-level

Sydney Humphrey

Best Essay at the 400 level

Sam Hallam

Brownell Prize for Best Student

Jacob Camden

Marie Moore

Outstanding Graduate Students

Outstanding Graduate Student at the MA Level

Ronny Azuaje

Outstanding Graduate Student at the PhD Level

Gerardo Ruz

Outstanding Research by a Graduate Student

Sarah Valentín Sánchez

Outstanding Teaching by a Graduate Student

Kaitlin Barrios

Outstanding Service by a Graduate Student

Elena Guerra