2021 Spanish Academic Honors and Awards Reception

award ceremony over ZoomThursday, April 8, 2021, at 4.30 pm

Public event on Zoom – you can re-watch the ceremony on our Facebook page!

Outstanding Undergraduate Students

Outstanding Student at the 100-level

Zion Lewis

Outstanding Student at the 300-level

Brandon Paras & Kai Buendia

Outstanding Student at the 400-level

Gretchen Johnson & Joseph Kaluzny

Best Essay at the 400 level

Lindsay Drost & Tazi Buchholz

The George Griffin Brownell Sr. Award for Excellence in Spanish

Outstanding Overall Undergraduate Student in Spanish

Aidan Winiewicz

Outstanding Graduate Students

Outstanding Graduate Student

Kaitlin Barrios

Outstanding Research by a Graduate Student

Barbara Minter

Outstanding Teaching by a Graduate Student

Gerardo Ruz

Outstanding Service by a Graduate Student

Ana Belén Álvarez