2015 Spanish Awards

2014 & 2015 Spanish Academic Honors and Awards Reception

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Anderson Room – Ferguson Center

4:00 pm

Premio Augusto Monterroso
Outstanding student at the 100 level in Spanish
Ariana Benton

Premio Miguel de Cervantes
Outstanding student at the 200 level in Spanish
Justin Lomax

Premio Jorge Luis Borges
Outstanding student at the 300 level in Spanish
Stirling Archibald

Premio Benito Pérez Galdós
Outstanding student at the 400 level in Spanish
Elke Heumesser

Best Essay at the 400 level in Spanish
Mary Frances Maranto
“Las narrativas y la inmigración en España”

Premio George Griffin Brownell Sr.
Award for Excellence in Spanish
Best Overall Spanish Undergraduate Student
Ruth Bishop

Outstanding Graduate Students
Best Overall Graduate Student in Spanish
Sara Finney

Best Graduate Student Teaching
Timothy Alford

Best Graduate Student Research
Claire Mitchell