2012 Spanish Awards

2011 & 2012 Spanish Academic Honors and Awards Reception

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Anderson Room – Ferguson Center

4:00 pm

Premio Augusto Monterroso

Outstanding student at the 100 level in Spanish

2011 Mr. Theodore Y. Tutwiler — 2012 Mr. Benjamin T. McGowan

Premio Miguel de Cervantes

Outstanding student at the 200 level in Spanish

2011 Mr. Alfred T. Powell — 2012 Ms. Anika M. Abiade

Premio Jorge Luis Borges

Outstanding student at the 300 level in Spanish

2011 Mr. J. Taylor Arabian; Mr. Ethan C. Miller — 2012 Ms. Shelby B. Calambokidis

Premio Benito Pérez Galdós

Outstanding student at the 400 level in Spanish

2011 Ms. Lindsey R. Roberts — 2012 Mr. Ethan C. Miller

Premio Javier Marías

Best Essay at the 400 level in Spanish

2011 Ms. Sara Langcuster — 2012 Mr. R. Stephen Salinas

Premio George Griffin Brownell Jr.

Award for Excellence in Spanish Best Overall Spanish Undergraduate Student

2011 Ms. Anna M. Holcomb; Ms. Laura Summerford — 2012 Ms. Rachel E. Hunkler; Mr. Andrew M. Parrish

Outstanding Graduate Student

Best Overall Graduate Student in Spanish

2011 Ms. Dani Peterson — 2012 Mr. Forrest M. Blackbourn

Special Academic Citizen Award

2011 Ms. Larissa Clachar; Ms. Shelly Hines-Brooks; Ms. Laura Rojas-Arce — 2012 Mr. Forrest M. Blackbourn; Ms. Larissa Clachar; Mr. Seth Roberts; Ms. Laura Rojas-Arce

student with professor


student with award

students attend awards ceremony