French and Spanish Concentrations

The Romance Languages degree program incorporates a variety of concentrations and tracks.  There are two concentrations:

Both concentrations have thesis and non-thesis options. The French and Spanish concentrations each have two tracks:

  • Applied Linguistics
  • Literature/Cultural Studies

Regardless of the concentration or track, all new graduate teaching assistants must enroll for the Practicum in Applied Linguistics (either FR 512 or SP 502). For specifics related to the programs incorporating Spanish, please consult the degree requirements, detailed below.

Degree descriptions can also be accessed in the Course Catalog


General Description of Non-thesis option of the MA in Romance languages

The non-thesis option for the Spanish concentration of the Romance Languages Master of Arts incorporates 30 hours of coursework (or 36 hours of coursework for the applied linguistics track). Both non-thesis options require success on a comprehensive written examination before granting of the degree. Both non-thesis options of the Romance languages MA generally include a core of five required courses in these areas:

  • Teaching Practicum/Topics in Linguistics
  • Pro-seminar Research Methodology: Critical Theory or Quantitative/Qualitative Methods in Linguistics
  • Topics in Culture and Civilization
  • Graduate Seminar
  • Special Topics/Directed Readings


Spanish Concentration, Literature Track

The curriculum consists of 30 credit hours of graduate coursework, of which 27 credit hours must be Spanish graduate courses. The students must take a minimum:

  • 9 credit hours in Peninsular literature,
  • 9 credit hours in Latin American literature,
  • 6 credit hours in Spanish linguistics,
  • 3 credit hours in Spanish electives
  • 3 credit hours in other elective graduate courses

The 27 Spanish graduate credit hours are divided among the following areas of study:

  • Golden Age Peninsular
  • 19th-Century Peninsular
  • 20th- and 21st-Century Peninsular
  • Colonial Latin America
  • 19th-Century Latin America
  • 20th- and 21st-Century Latin America
  • US Latinx Studies
  • Spanish Linguistics

A student may take the remaining three credits outside the Spanish section or may take an additional Spanish elective in order to complete the 30 required credits.


Spanish Concentration, Linguistics Track

Curriculum requirements: 36 hours of coursework. The applied linguistics track involves three components:

  • Language
    • 15 hours of course credit in Spanish language, literature, and culture (a minimum of 6 hours must be in peninsular literature and 6 hours in Latin-American literature)
  • Linguistics
    • a 3-hour descriptive linguistics course (SP 556)
  • Applied Linguistics.
    • 12 hours of coursework in second language acquisition and pedagogy (SP 502, and three of the following: SP 523, SP 581, RL 513 or other approved courses)


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