AATSP-Alabama Conference “Empowering Language Educators Through Collaboration,” Auburn University, Montomery, February 3-4, 2012

Spanish faculty, instructors and graduate students presented the following papers:

– Dr. William Worden presented at the Desayuno Literario, within the AATSP Chapter Meeting

– Dr. Ignacio F. Rodeño organized, chaired and presented the following session: “The Spanish Convention as State-Wide Collaboration and Empowerment.”

– Dr. Ignacio F. Rodeño chaired the session entitled “La diáspora hispana hacia/desde los Estados Unidos en la literatura y en el aula,” and presented “Latinos forging their transcultural identity: some poetic voices.”

– Dr. Karina Vázquez : “From the Deep South to the Vast South: Exploring Student’s Creativity in the Spanish Writing Classroom through the Narrative of Anna-Kazumi Stahl.”

– Dani Peterson, MA: “Transnational Identities in The Guardians by Ana Castillo”

– Forrest Blackbourn, MA: “Did the Caribbean Intelligence Agency (CIA) Kill Kennedy and Trujillo?”

– Betsy Brooks, Brianne Kobeck and Ana Capanegra presented in a panel entitled “Incorporating Meaningful Reading in the Spanish Classroom”.


– Dr. Ignacio F. Rodeño was elected President of AATSP-Alabama Chapter for the 2012-2014 term. He had served as First Vice-President of the Organization during the 2009-2011 term

– Dr. Karina E. Vázquez was elected Second Vice-President of AATSP-Alabama Chapter for the 2012-2014 term.

The 2013 AATSP conference will be on April 11-13 at the Birmingham Convention Center.