Study Abroad

UA students in GermanyThere is no better way of improving your language and cultural competency than traveling, studying, and living in the country where the language is spoken. You will acquire not only the language but also the culture and customs, a huge asset in the global society of today.

German students at The University of Alabama may choose between a longer stay abroad (one semester or an entire year) or participating in a five-week-long summer study abroad program.

Scholarships available.

Semester Programs

Students who have completed at least four semesters of German or the equivalent thereof (GN 202) are eligible for our semester programs.

For more information about any of the Semester programs, please contact the German program study abroad advisor, Dr. Matthew Feminella.

Summer Program

The four-week UA Summer in Germany Program takes place in Berlin with one week of travel to Munich and vicinity. Students wishing to participate must have a beginning knowledge of German or the equivalent of GN101.

For more information about the Summer program, please contact the director, Dr. Charles Brown.