Prospective Students

Interested in the German MA program?

We offer a vibrant MA program in German, with degree paths in literature, linguistics, and interdisciplinary studies, and we are always interested in strong, new students. Our graduate students, former and present, have come from a variety of countries and states in the US, making for a truly international group, all united by an interest in German. We always host exchange students from Germany which helps non-native speakers of German enhance their language skills.

Our graduates typically continue either with further graduate studies, such as a PhD in German-related fields, applied linguistics, law school, business school, or a teaching career. We advise our students extensively and encourage conference presentations with financial assistance from the department and the Graduate School.

We foster a team-building environment in which students have the opportunity to gain teaching and research skills preparing them for their chosen career path.

If you are a traditionally underrepresented student in graduate programs, you might also qualify for additional mentoring through the Tide Together program sponsored by the Graduate School.

Graduate Teaching Assistantship

Most of our students receive a graduate teaching assistantship. This assistantship is guaranteed for two years in order to complete your degree, pending successful completion of coursework. The graduate teaching assistantship covers full tuition, basic health care, and a monetary stipend. In return, Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) register for courses following the requirements of the Graduate School as outlined in the Graduate Catalog and assist the program 20 hrs per week.

As a GTA, students mostly assist professors, help to tutor undergraduate students, and assist the program with the completion of various tasks, such as attending departmental and program functions; after the completion of 18 hrs of graduate credit (6 courses), GTAs teach mostly Beginning German language classes and continue to assist the program with lesser hours.

How to Apply

To apply, you will need to submit the following:

  • your transcripts for your undergraduate institutions
  • a writing sample in German
  • three letters of recommendation
  • your TOEFL score if you are an international student

It is important to start the application process early, especially if you are an international student, because it takes time to process a visa, and our number of assistantships is limited.

Please note that the Graduate School states that all applicants have to take the GRE (Graduate Record Examination), BUT the German MA program does NOT require the GRE. Instead, we ask for a writing sample in German. Ideally, we would like you to submit a Seminararbeit that you wrote in German for an undergraduate class.

It is possible to apply for the MA program if you do not have an undergraduate degree in German, but you must have strong German language skills. In this case, the writing sample (in German) will be from another study area. Students who have not completed the UA German BA degree program will most likely be required to take at least one undergraduate level survey course, depending on their educational background. It is possible to receive graduate credit for such a course upon completion of additional graduate-level assignments.

Checklist for your application to the German MA program

  1. Apply online via the Graduate School website.
  2. Fill out the Graduate Application Form.
  3. Pay the application fee.
  4. Submit a Statement of Purpose explaining why you would like to study German at The University of Alabama.
  5. Submit 3 letters of recommendation. Your instructors/professors can submit those letters via the website of the Graduate School. You will receive the necessary information on how to do that once you have applied online. In case of any problems, letters of recommendation can be also mailed directly to the German program.
  6. You need official transcripts from all institutions attended.
    International students: If your institution does not mail transcripts, you will have to obtain official documentation from your university (International Office) along with a notarized translation into English and send it yourself to the Graduate School.
  7. International students will in addition have to take the TOEFL and submit their score. Please make sure that your scores are submitted to the University of Alabama, NOT the University of Alabama at Birmingham. The TOEFL code for The University of Alabama is 1830.
  8. Submit your German writing sample, either upload or send directly via email.
  9. International students will who are non-native speakers of German, please submit documentation of your current level of German (such as Goethe-Institut certification).

Next steps: Once the Graduate School has received and processed all necessary paperwork, your file will be forwarded to the German program, and we may extend an offer if you fulfill our requirements. In that case, you will receive a letter with an offer that you may accept or decline. Once you have accepted the offer, your paperwork will be processed further. International students will be informed about any further requirements regarding the visa application.

Any further questions? Please feel free to contact the Graduate Advisor for German, Dr. Matthew Feminella, via email.