2020 German Honors Awards

Excellence First-Year German

Rob Cullison

Excellence Second-Year German

Fletcher Hall


Excellence Third-Year German
Kate LeNoir


Excellence Fourth-Year German

Brenin Douglas

Most Progress Made in German

Austin Blair

Outstanding Undergraduate Student
Christina Walker


Outstanding Graduate Student

Rachel Dodson


Federation of German-American Clubs Scholarship for Study in Germany 2019 / 2020

Holland Cox


Dr. Barbara Fischer Memorial Scholarship for Study in Germany
Paige Bounds


Melanie Sontheimer German Study Abroad Scholarship
Holland Cox

The Bell Endowed Scholarship for Study in Germany
Joshua Sadler


Dr. Donald E. Hall German Study Abroad Scholarship
Alabama in Germany

Lucy Uhrick and Natasha Stevanovich


Delta Phi Alpha  – National German Honors Society Inductees

Minimum requirements for admission include completion of GN 202 or equivalent with a grade point average of B overall and B+ for German courses.

Marlee Bryant
Tristan Byers
Lindsey Drost
Benjamin Floyd
David Frye
Kate Karson
Kate LeNoir
Jocelyn Licwinko
Reagan McKeown
Bethany Miller
Laurence Rauschnabel
Teague Rickel
Gillian Shimabukuro
Victoria Smitherman
Morgan Williams
Alexander Sato