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Spanish Outreach is an exciting program developed by Dr. Michael Schnepf and offered by the Spanish Program within the Department of Modern Languages and Classics. With the rapidly growing Hispanic population in Tuscaloosa County and Alabama in general, there is a growing need for bilingual speakers (Spanish & English) who can help in the Latino Community in a wide spectrum of areas such as schools, health care, law enforcement, fire prevention, and other social services.


Spanish Outreach attempts to provide some of these services by placing its most accomplished majors and minors as semester interns in local schools where they can assist our younger members of society with individual tutoring, comprehension of lessons, personal dialogue, interpretation, and other language-based tasks. In addition to providing a valuable community service these students-interns receive three hours of college credit (SP389, applicable to major or minor) as they hone their own linguistic skills.

Eligibility: Students must have completed SP353-Spanish Conversation and SP356-Advanced Spanish Grammar and Composition. This is not a general course; students must have Dr. Posner’s written permission to enroll. For additional information about the program and the availability of students/interns, contact:

Dr. Shirin Posner

240 BB Comer Hall

Phone: 205 – 348 – 5059

Fax: 205 – 348 – 2042


Spanish Outreach es un programa que ofrece la secci[on de español del Departamento de Lenguas Modernas y Clásicas. El crecimiento de la población latina e hispana en el condado de Tuscaloosa y en el estado de Alabama en general, ha estimulado la necesidad de tener hablantes biligües (español e inglés) quienes puedan asistir a la comunidad en diferentes áreas: educativa, médica, legal, civil, preventiva y otras.



Spanish Outreach ofrece ayuda con algunos de estos servicios por medio de estudiantes con especialización o sub-especialización en español, ubicándolos en varias escuelas la ciudad y en lugares donde puedan facilitar la comunicación por medio de traducciones, conversaciones, interpretaciones, tutorías y otras tareas. Además de proveer una invaluable ayuda a la comunidad, el estudiante recibirá tres horas-crédito (SP 389 aplicable para su especialización o sub-especialización).

Requisitos: Los estudiantes deben haber terminado SP 353 Spanish Conversation y SP 356 Advanced Spanish Grammar and Composition. Esto no es una clase general; los estudiantes deben tener permiso escrito de la Dra. Posner para registrarse.

Spanish Outreach Students’ Testimonials

“The Spanish Outreach is an amazing program filled with priceless opportunities and learning. This program has exceeded my expectations. Not only do you help children, they also end up teaching you a few things too. All in all, this program is something Spanish students that wants to make an impact and do something worthwhile should consider.” –Lydia Underwood. Spring 2012

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