traditional architecture in China

The Department of Modern Languages and Classics offers courses in Chinese on campus and online.

Please check the courses offered for a minor in Chinese, or learn about our study abroad program in China.

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Why Study Chinese?

  • China is one of the most populous nations in the world, and almost one-fifth of the globe speaks Chinese.
  • China is not only one of the oldest countries in human history, but also one of the fastest developing and changing nations, which results in its diverse and rich culture, an alloy of tradition and an ongoing transforming society.
  • Along with China’s economic growth and social development, learning the Chinese language will offer various career opportunities in business, translation, interpreting, communication, and international affairs.
  • Because of linguistic and social contact, learning the Chinese language and culture will make your mastering of other East Asian languages and cultures easier.

Fun Facts

Chinese is easier than expected! Even though the Chinese writing system appears to be a bunch of “random and bizarre pictures” to a substantial amount of people, the good news is that it does not have a gender system that many European languages have. (No way!) Besides, the basic Chinese sentence is subject-verb-object, the same as English. So don’t be scared away just because it is different. Give it a try!

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