Arabic Club

students in the UA Arabic Club

The UA Arabic Language and Culture Club is dedicated to bringing together UA’s international community from the Middle East and North Africa with students on campus studying the Arabic language, culture, and anything in between.

We plan events to facilitate connections between the two groups, resulting in some much-needed language help on both sides and a greater understanding of our cultures. This includes

  • enjoying authentic home-cooked meals from international students
  • going out to eat at local middle eastern restaurants
  • watching movies and TV shows from the Middle East, as well as documentaries about the politics/history of the region
  • setting up presentations on specific aspects of culture from different countries
  • setting up Arabic-English language partners for mutual improvement in speaking and writing

If you’re studying or interested in studying Arabic, have roots in the Middle East and North Africa, or just love food, music, and meeting new people, come try us out!

We can be reached on our Facebook page or by email at