Italian Placement Exam

The course level at which students begin their study of Italian is determined by several factors, including the number of high school units completed; language placement examination scores; or, for those with native or heritage competency, faculty evaluation.

Placement Exam

Students with more than two high school units of Italian should take a placement examination via Foreign Language Assessment. To access the Foreign Language Assessment,

  • Log into your myBama account (
  • Select the Admissions/Scholarships tab
  • Select the Foreign Language Assessment links in the Undergraduate Admission section of the page

Students placed in intermediate-level courses or higher can earn placement credit. However, heritage language or bilingual students do not receive credit for courses below the 300 level. These students should contact the Department of Modern Languages and Classics before attending summer orientation or before registering for a course in the language for which they have native or heritage competency.

Determining Which Course to Take

Students cannot place themselves in a lower class than placement guidelines indicate. The placement guidelines take into account previous exposure and experience. Taking a lower-level course will do students a disservice and lead only to frustration.

Any deviation from the placement guidelines (number of high school units completed; language placement scores; native or heritage competency) must be approved by the Italian Program Director, Dr. Claudia Romanelli.

Score Placement
0-199 IT 101
200-399 IT 102
400-600 IT 201
Above 600 IT 202+