Spanish club flyerAbout the Spanish Club: Los Estudiantes de Alabama sin Fronteras is a Spanish language based service organization whose mission is to promote student involvement within the Tuscaloosa Latinx community in order to break down cultural and language barriers. We do this through a number of free English as a Second Language classes that we teach in the community. Additionally, we host a weekly “Charlas con Café” or Coffee Conversation Hour that allows students to practice their Spanish and learn about different cultures. Finally, we host a monthly culture night where students on campus are invited to learn more about different aspects of Latinx culture. Students of all Spanish speaking abilities are welcome to participate. You can also check this website to find more information about this organization.

Watch our video to find more about who we are and what we do!

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You can contact the Spanish Club via email:

Spanish Club Events

The Spanish Club hosts a variety of events every fall and spring semester. See the images and links below for recent semester’s activities, including a weekly conversation hour, tutoring Spanish speakers in English on Tuesdays and Saturdays, and medical outreach. Below are also listed some examples from past years.


ESL flyerMedical Outreach & Volunteering flyerSaturday Homework Help flyer







Sampling of past events and activities

Latinx Activism 101
Latinx Jeopardy Night
Hispanic-Latinx Heritage Month Read-In
Movie Night: I Learn America