General requirements for admission to the Graduate School are set forth in the “Academic Policies” section of the Graduate Catalog. Applications are submitted to the Graduate School online (

All applicants to graduate degree programs in the Department of Modern Languages and Classics must submit test results from either the Graduate Record Examination or the Miller Analogies Test in support of the application.  A writing sample, uploaded online as a supplemental document during the application process or submitted directly to the Department of Modern Languages and Classics, is also required. The sample, in the target language, should be about 10 pages (double spaced) in length.  In it, the candidate seeking admission will need to demonstrate a commensurate level of proficiency in the target language as well as critical thinking skills.

For students with deficiencies in undergraduate preparation, admission may be contingent upon completion of designated undergraduate requirements. Qualified students who are holders of an appropriate undergraduate degree may be admitted directly to the doctoral program in Romance languages. However, in such circumstances completion of all requirements for the appropriate master of arts program, including comprehensive testing and subsequent awarding of the master of arts degree, will be a prerequisite for completion of the doctoral degree.

Qualified students can seek dual admission to the School of Law and to any master of arts program offered in the Department of Modern Languages and Classics. If admitted to both, the student will be exempted from six hours of coursework for the juris doctor degree.