Dr. Alicia Cipria’s chapter, “Español neutro and marketing in Latin American and U.S. audiovisual media”

Aspects of Latin


Alicia Cipria 



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“Español neutro and marketing in Latin American and U.S. audiovisual media,” has been published as part of the collection Aspects of Latin American Spanish Dialectology. In honor of Terrell A. Morgan, by Díaz-Campos, Manuel and Sandro Sessarego (eds.) [IHLL 32] . (2021, John Benjamins)


This chapter has a descriptive and a theoretical aim. The descriptive aim involves elucidation of the term neutro in different contexts and analysis of phonetic/phonological features usually associated with the type of “neutral” Spanish as marketed by global media conglomerates. The theoretical aim is to link this Spanish “from nowhere” with issues of standardization and with globalization-related concepts such as anonymity, commodification, agency, and disembedding. Data come from publicly available interviews of dubbing professionals, coaching videos on “neutralization” of a local accent, and excerpts of TV show dubbings previously outsourced by Miami-based conglomerates, in tandem with Bogotá and Mexico DF, to other Latin American countries.