Michael A. Schnepf

Emeritus Professor of Spanish


  • PhD, Indiana University (Bloomington, Indiana), 1985. Spanish with a Minor in English.
  • MA, University of Northern Iowa (Cedar Falls, Iowa and Spain), 1977. Spanish.
  • BS, Indiana University (Bloomington, Indiana), 1974. Spanish and English.


My research interests include

  • A critical edition of La desheredada. I already own a hard copy of the original manuscript of this 1881 novel, and I recently purchased a first edition, one that has not been bound, thus allowing us to see for the first time the actual signatures (installments).
  • “A Detailed Study of the Complete Manuscript and the Unseen Sketches of Galdós’s La desheredada.” (Monograph, 100-150 pages). 85% completed.
  • “Las entregas de la primera edición de La desheredada: divisiones, fechas, y estrategias.”
  • “Drawings and Sketches by Galdós from all the Original Manuscripts Housed in the Biblioteca Nacional in Madrid.” Over the past five years I have been slowly sifting through the 63 manuscripts and I have come up with some fascinating dibujos that deal with politics, politicians, architecture, and even pornography. I have included in the packet some of the more “curious” drawings for your perusal.

Selected Publications

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  • “Shakespeare and Defoe Under the Influence, a Naked Englishman, and Other Curiosities from Galdós’s Cádiz Manuscript.” Submitted to Confluencia (9-23-03).
  • “The Galdós Sketches: Quantity, Quality, and Frequency Plus Examples from the Original Manuscripts and The Galley Proofs” Submitted to Romance Quarterly (9-8-2003).
  • “The Manuscript of Galdós’s Mariucha: A Case of Post-Electra Caution.” Submitted to Anales Galdosianos (Oct. 2002).