Selected Publications

  • Writing Groups License Success. Profession: In Practice, 2020,
  • To Rally for Writing Groups: A Necessity for the Profession. 2018. ADFL Bulletin 44.2.81-89.
  • Aspects of Authentic Spoken German:  Awareness and Recognition of Elision in the German Classroom. 2016. Die Unterrichtspraxis/Teaching German 49.24-35.
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  • Aspects of the Rise and Fall of the Compound gomman in Tatian. 2006. Leuvense Bijdragen. Leuven Contributions in Linguistics and Philology 95.71-86.
  • Language Change and Foreign Language Teaching. 2006. The NECTFL Review 58.37-49. Supported by 2004 Research Advisory Committee grant.
  • Can the lexicalization/grammaticalization distinction be reconciled? 2005. Studies in Language 29.583-615.  Supported by 2002 Research Advisory Committee grant.

Selected Recognition

  • Southern Conference on Language Teaching Nominee for Post-Secondary Teacher of Excellence Award, Alabama Association of Foreign Language Teachers, 2011.  Interdisciplinary Award for all foreign languages in AL.
  • Article of the Year Award, 2007, Die Unterrichtspraxis: Teaching German, the publication of the American Association of Teachers of German. Award includes travel and seminar expenses from Austrian Air and the Austrian Ministry of Education.  “Language History for Teaching and Learning German”.
  • Freeman Award nomination. Nominated by Board of Directors of the Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages annually, recognizes best article on an applied pedagogical topic from any major journal.  “Language Change and Foreign Language Teaching” (2006).