Degree Options

Based on their interests, students may choose among the following tracks:

  1. French literature track
  2. Romance languages track (combining French and Spanish)
  3. Linguistics track (combining French with Linguistics)

Course Requirements

  • 60 credit hours of coursework (54 credit hours for candidates who have completed an approved master’s thesis for 6 credit hours). Up to 30 credit hours may be transferred from a recent MA, assuming applicability and acceptability of the proposed courses for transfer.
  • Both the French literature track and the romance languages track
    • require 1 course (3 credit hours) on general literary theory
    • allow up to 4 courses (12 credit hours) outside of the French program, with approval from the graduate adviser
  • The linguistics track requires
    • 27 credit hours of coursework in Linguistics
    • 1 course (3 credit hours) on linguistic research methodology
    • 30 credit hours of coursework in French electives

Other Requirements

  • Successful completion of a qualifying examination including the successful defense of a prospectus (a formal presentation of a proposed dissertation research topic). For more information, consult
  • Reading knowledge of one language other than English, French, and the candidate’s native language
  • Completion and acceptance of a doctoral dissertation on an appropriate topic (corresponding to a minimum of 24 credit hours of FR 699)
  • There is a time limit for completion of all degree requirements and there is a campus residency requirement. Consult the general Academic Policies of the Graduate School for details.

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