Spring 2023 Graduate Courses

FR 502 French Reading Proficiency II

3 credits. Day and time TBA
Dr. Bruce Edmunds, Associate Professor of French

  • Prerequisite: FR 501 or permission of the instructor.
  • Intensive introduction to French grammar and vocabulary with an emphasis on reading and translation skills.
  • As preparation of the French reading examination, this course is designed for students in graduate programs campus-wide.
  • Not for students enrolled in any French graduate program.

FR 521 French Pronunciation and Phonetics Introduction to phonetic theory

3 credits. R 3:30-6:00
Dr. K. Maxime Vignon, Instructor of French

  • Introducing a comprehensive analysis of traditional phonetic theory, the physical characteristics, attributes and articulation of speech sounds with their linguistic function.
  • Study of the International Phonetic Alphabet and system of French liaisons and contractions.
  • Develops awareness of the correspondence between written representations and actual pronunciation.
  • Emphasis on developing oral proficiency aiming an accent reduction in our students’ speech.

FR 561 French Linguistics

3 credits. W 3:30-6:00
Dr. David Tezil, Assistant Professor of French Linguistics

  • Applies linguistic theory to the analysis and description of French phonological, morphological, syntactic and semantic structures.
  • Explores tendencies of change in contemporary French and dialects.

FR 577 The Cinema of Jean-Luc Godard

3 credits. T 3:30-6:30
Dr. Jean-Luc Robin, Associate Professor of French

  • New course, and first Fine Arts course in French at UA: Critical study of seminal motion pictures produced in French fostering an appreciation of cinema as art.
  • Elements of film analysis.
  • French New Wave, its technics, and esthetics (vs. mainstream cinema’s).
  • Groundbreaking 1960s films of iconic/iconoclast French-Swiss director Jean-Luc Godard from À bout de souffle to Week-end.

FR 580 Transatlantic Connections in the 18th Century

3 credits. M 2:00-4:30
Dr. April Stevens, Assistant Professor of French