3 credits. Times TBA
Dr. Bruce Edmunds, Associate Professor of French

  • Introduction to French grammar and vocabulary.
  • Emphasis on reading and translation skills.
  • Preparation of the French reading examination.
  • Not for students enrolled in any French graduate program.

FR 512 Methods of Teaching French: Practicum

3 credits. T 4:30-7:00
Dr. Isabelle Drewelow, Associate Professor of French and Applied Linguistics

  • Bridge practices with key concept and theories.
  • Focus on teaching language and culture as integrated and situated practices.
  • Use pedagogical research to assess and design instructional material
  • Required for GTAs.

FR 521 Pronunciation and Phonetics

3 credits. T/R 2:00-3:15
Dr. Michael Picone, Professor of French and Linguistics

  • Prerequisite: FR 321, FR 322, or FR 323; or instructor permission.
  • Introduction to phonetic theory.
  • Develops awareness of the correspondence between written representations and actual pronunciation.
  • Emphasis on developing oral proficiency.

FR 535 Bande Dessinée

3 credits. W 5:00-7:30
Dr. Michael Picone, Professor of French and Linguistics

  • Exploration and analysis of French-language graphic narrative media (comic books and graphic novels of France and francophone Belgium; samples from Switzerland, Africa and Québec; excerpts from spin-off cartoons and movies).
  • The emergence, range and importance of BD in francophone Europe.
  • Vocabulary, components and practices relative to the BD art form.
  • Connections to relevant cultural, artistic, semiotic, and linguistic themes.
  • Creation of a personal French BD mini-album.

FR 570 French 16th Century Prose Literature

3 credits. MW 2:00-3:15
Dr. Bruce Edmunds, Associate Professor of French

  • Rabelais
  • Montaigne