Language Placement


The course level at which students begin their study is determined by several factors. These factors include the following: the number of high-school units complete; language placement examination scores; or, for those with native or heritage competency, faculty evaluation.

Students with more than two high school units of French, German, Spanish, or Latin should take a placement examination via “Foreign Language Assessment”.

  • To Access the Foreign Language Assessment
    • Log into your MyBama account
    • Select the “Academics” tab
    • Select the “Foreign Language Assessment” links in the “Admissions” section of the page

With the exception of heritage language or bilingual individuals, students placed in intermediate level courses or higher can earn placement credit.

Below please find more information for placement in French, German, and Spanish as described on the Foreign Language Assessment webpage:
Foreign Language Assessment

Please do not place yourself in a lower class than your Score Placement indicates, you are doing yourself a disservice. The placement test measures your current knowledge, regardless how you feel about the results. Taking a lower level course will rather lead to frustration.

Students with previous work in other languages should see the appropriate undergraduate advisor for placement purposes.

  • German Placement Information:
Level Placement Criteria for German
GN 101 No prior instruction in German, fewer than two high- school units in German, instruction more than four years ago, or UA placement test. 
GN 102 UA credit for GN 101 or UA placement test.
GN 103 Two high-school units of German, GN 101 at another institution, or faculty evaluation.
GN 201 Credit for GN 102 or GN 103 or UA placement test. 
GN 202 Credit for GN 201 or UA placement test. 
GN 361 Credit for GN 202 or faculty evaluation