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The Spanish minor has emerged over the last few years as one of the most enticing options for students in business, pre-law, pre-med, nursing, criminal justice, political science and many other areas of study. Students must take 15 hours on the 300-400 level. A minimum of 6 hours must be earned on this campus. Instruction of all courses must be in Spanish to be computed into the GPA. Minors must maintain a GPA average of 2.0. All courses are 3 credits.

Ancillary courses. These are not computed into the major GPA. The Spanish degree requires the successful completion of the following courses, or obtaining credit through placement or transfer from another institution: SP 101, SP102 (or SP103), SP 201 and SP202.  Credit might be given for AP courses.

Spanish Minor Requirements (1-2)

1. Cornerstone Courses

These courses are pre-requisites for more advanced courses and must be taken first.

  • SP 353. Spanish Conversation. Students should begin their 300-level course work with the required SP 353, Conversation. This course introduces students to linguistic immersion in the target language. It is a pre-requisite for SP364 and above. It is usually taken the same semester as SP 356 but might be taken the semester immediately after it. Native or Heritage Speakers cannot take this course, and it will be substituted by another in consultation with the Spanish Adviser.
  • SP 356. Advanced Grammar and Composition.  SP 356, Grammar and Composition (also required), is a rigorous study of grammatical concepts, as well as the tools needed to write successful essays in Spanish, with emphasis in the creation of academic papers, as these will be part of assessment in future courses. It is a pre-requisite for SP364 and above. It is usually taken the same semester as SP 353 or the semester immediately following it.
  • SP364 Spanish Civilization or SP366 Spanish-American Civilization. There are two civilization courses, one of which is required: SP 364 Spanish Civilization (Spanish Peninsular culture and history) and SP 366 Spanish-American Civilization (Latin American culture and history). This is a pre-requisite for SP371 and above. SP364 and SP366 are offered in alternative semesters.

2. Two (2) 300-400 Electives

The remaining six hours must come from courses at the 300-400 level. Students are encouraged to select from the offerings that best complement their major. For instance if the major area is Business, Spanish business courses (Commercial, Technical Writing) might enhance the student’s marketability significantly.

  • SP 360 Commercial Spanish
  • SP 367 Technical Writing
  • SP 371 Survey of Spanish Literature. Literature of Spain from the Middle Ages through the 18th century. Offered in the spring.
  • SP 372 Survey of  Spanish Literature. Literature of Spain from the 19th century to the present. Offered in the fall.
  • SP 375 Masterpieces of Spanish-American Literature I. Literature of  Latin America  from the colonial period to modernism. Offered in the fall.
  • SP 376 Masterpieces of Spanish-American Literature II. Literature of  Latin America  from modernism to the present. Offered in the spring.
  • SP 377 US Latino Studies. Literatures and cultures of the Hispanics in the United States, starting in the 19th century to the present. Offered in the fall.
  • SP 389 Outreach
  • SP 390 Open Topics Students may only take 6 credits in SP 390.
  • SP 426 Twentieth-Century Spanish Literature II
  • SP 483  Introduction to Spanish Linguistics
  • SP 484 Spanish Phonetics and Pronunciation
  • SP 487 Open Topics in US Latino Studies
  • SP 488 Open Topics in Spanish Peninsular Literature
  • SP 489 Open Topics in Spanish-American and US Latino Literature
  • SP 490 Open Topics
  • SP 491 Cervantes/Don Quijote
  • SP 492 Spanish in the US

Suggested Sequence for the Spanish Minor

  • Cornerstone courses. SP 353, SP 356, SP 364/SP 366
  • SP 300-400 elective
  • SP 300-400 elective


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