The Spanish House

The Spanish House is a Living-Learning Community located on campus in the “Blount Undergraduate Initiative” building. The goal of the Spanish House is to increase oral Spanish proficiency in a fun and relaxed environment. Students live together and are guided by a native (or near native) Spanish speaker.

The students agree to speak Spanish as much and as often as possible, and to dedicate two hours each week to full immersion in a group context. Shared activities vary but may include salsa lessons, hikes, cooking and enjoying Spanish or Latin American food, movies in Spanish, etc. The living arrangements and activities is relaxed and focused on helping all students to learn and to grow as much as possible.



  • Placement in SP202 or higher as shown by the language placement test, or a university transcript.
  • Commitment to speak Spanish as much and as often as possible
  • Enrollment in SP205 (Fall) and SP206 (Spring), except for graduate students and native speakers
  • 10 weekly journal entries written in Spanish each semester if enrolled in program for two credits, 5 weekly journal entries each semester if enrolled for one credit
  • Two hours weekly of full language immersion
  • Participation in an end-of-semester group project


To apply for the Spanish House, email Dr. Álvaro Baquero-Pecino  a statement of why you would like to participate. He will then contact you for an interview. For more information, contact Dr. Baquero-Pecino at