Marie-Eve Monette

Marie-Eve  Monette

Assistant Professor of Spanish


PhD in Hispanic Studies (McGill University)
BA in Hispanic Studies (McGill University)

Research Interests

Professor Monette’s research examines the ways in which 21st-century cinematic representations of the Andes reflect and participate in decolonizing processes by creating a dialogic space for the deconstruction of Western-produced knowledge and the critical exploration of alternative Indigenous knowledges of this region and its peoples. She aims to demonstrate that these representations reflect the many policies implemented by South American governments and practices upheld by international organizations to promote visions of equity for Indigenous cultural integrity and diversity, as well as to include the Indigenous populations in the socioeconomic development of these countries.

Professor Monette’s teaching focuses on Latin America, ranging from the pre-columbian to the late modern era. At UA, she is currently teaching SP366 (Spanish American Civilization) and SP 375 (Masterpieces of Spanish-American Literature I). In the Spring term, she will teach SP 376 (Masterpieces of Spanish-American Literature II), and a graduate seminar, SP 590 (Indigenism and Latin American Cinema).

Selected Publications

“Decolonizing the Tourist Gaze in Madeinusa.” Bulletin of Hispanic Studies. Forthcoming.

“Negociaciones entre la cultura andina y la cultura urbana limeña en Madeinusa y La teta asustada de Claudia Llosa.” Nuevo Mundo Mundos Nuevos. (2013)