Schnepf, Michael A.

Name: Michael A. Schnepf
Title: Professor of Spanish, Director of Alabama in Cuba
Phone:(205) 348-4238

The Galdós Manuscript Drawings

Degree Information

1985 Ph. D. Indiana University (Bloomington, Indiana). Spanish with a Minor in English.
1977 M.A. University of Northern Iowa (Cedar Falls, Iowa and Spain). Spanish.
1974 B.S. Indiana University (Bloomington, Indiana). Spanish and English.

Current Projects

  1. A critical edition of La desheredada. I already own a hard copy of the original manuscript of this 1881 novel, and I recently purchased a first edition, one that has not been bound, thus allowing us to see for the first time the actual signatures (installments).
  2. “A Detailed Study of the Complete Manuscript and the Unseen Sketches of Galdós’s La desheredada.” (Monograph, 100-150 pages). 85% completed.
  3. “Las entregas de la primera edición de La desheredada: divisiones, fechas, y estrategias.”
  4. “Drawings and Sketches by Galdós from all the Original Manuscripts Housed in the Biblioteca Nacional in Madrid.” Over the past five years I have been slowly sifting through the 63 manuscripts and I have come up with some fascinating dibujos that deal with politics, politicians, architecture, and even pornography. I have included in the packet some of the more “curious” drawings for your perusal.

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