Bryan Koronkiewicz

Bryan  Koronkiewicz

Assistant Professor of Spanish Linguistics | Spanish Language Program Director

Office Hours

Wednesdays 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM


PhD, Hispanic Linguistics (University of Illinois at Chicago)
MA, Hispanic Linguistics (University of Illinois at Chicago)
BA, Spanish / Communication Arts (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

Research Interests

Dr. Koronkiewicz’s research interests include bilingualism, code-switching, methodology, processing, pronouns, second language acquisition, and syntax. Current projects concern bilingualism; syntactic properties of code-switching; quantitative/experimental methodology; methodological concerns in bilingual research; the bilingual spectrum (e.g., early vs. late, simultaneous vs. consecutive); heritage speaker bilingualism; second language acquisition; and bilingual processing.

Selected Publications

Refereed journal articles

González-Vilbazo, K., L. Bartlett, S. Downey, S. Ebert, J. Heil, B. Hoot, B. Koronkiewicz, & S. E. Ramos (2012). Methodological considerations in code-switching research. Studies in Hispanic and Lusophone Linguistics 6 (1), 118-138.

Book chapters

González-Vilbazo, K., & B. Koronkiewicz. (forthcoming). Tú y yo can code-switch but nosotros cannot. In R. E. Guzzardo Tamargo, C. Mazak & M. C. Parafita Cuoto (Eds.), Spanish English Code-switching in the Caribbean and the U.S. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

Manuscripts in submission

Koronkiewicz, B., & S. Ebert. (submitted). Modality in experimental code-switching research: Aural versus written stimuli.

Manuscripts in preparation

Ebert, S., J. Heil, B. Koronkiewicz, S. E. Ramos, D. Vergara, & L. López. (in preparation). Processor and grammar: An investigation of simultaneous and consecutive bilinguals.

Ebert, S., & B. Koronkiewicz. (in preparation). Monolingual data as a foundation for analyzing code-switching data.

B. Koronkiewicz. (in preparation). Comparing the categorization of Spanish and English pronouns: Evidence from code-switching.