Study Abroad

The University of Alabama Japan Study Abroad and Exchange Groups

Graduate and undergraduate exchange programs for a year or a semester are available at the following Japanese universities:

Chiba University, in the Kanto area near Tokyo.

Kansai Gaikoku Daigaku (Kansai Gaidai), located in the outskirts of Osaka.

Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto has a Study in Kyoto program and a five-week summer in Japan language program.

Meiji Daigaku in Tokyo.

Hiroshima Daigaku

Contact the Capstone International Center web site for detailed information on the year and semester programs, application procedures, and available scholarships. The University of Alabama offers JA 371 (Japanese Culture and Lifestyle taught in English) for 3 credit hours and JA 390 (Topics in Japanese Studies) for 3 credit hours in the summer in Japan if enough students are available. This is an intensive 4-week session lead by Dr. Koji Arizumi. This is usually in June or July and the location is TBA. For more information on the intensive Summer Study Abroad, contact Dr. Koji Arizumi directly.

Visiting the Great Buddah

2012 Study Abroad in Japan students travel to Kamakura.