Jonathan  Anders



Growing up bilingual ensured that I would have a deep-rooted interest in language. I studied Linguistics during my undergrad years and found that it provided answers to questions about language that had gnawed at me since childhood. Generative Linguistics gave my interest a precise channel to run in. I am fascinated by the abstract structures of the mind, and how linguistics can be used to illuminate those structures. I particularly admire the minimalism of Noam Chomsky, with its focus on creating a cognitive account of the language faculty


Major in English with a concentration in Linguistics from the University of Alabama at Birmingham

Minor in French from UAB


Anders, Jonathan. “Laquelle des Questions en quelle circonstance: an investigation of French Question Quantifiers.” 10th Annual Toronto Undergraduate Linguistics¬†Conference.¬†Toronto, March 2017.

Research Interests

Theoretical Syntax, Generative Grammar, Romance Languages, French