Jacob Dennis

Jacob  Dennis



Jacob Dennis is from Prattville, Alabama, and is pursuing his MA in French through the Accelerated Master’s Program. He is also in his third year of his undergraduate studies, pursuing a BS in Mathematics and a BA in Foreign Languages and Literature (French) and in Spanish. He is also pursuing a minor in African, Middle-Eastern, and Arabic Studies. Jacob has a passion for world languages and cultures, as well as for education and public policy. He enjoys travel, theatre, and cooking, all of which blend perfectly with his love for culture.



BS, University of Alabama, 2019

BA, University of Alabama, 2019

MA, University of Alabama, 2020


Research Interests

Social, cultural, and political consequences of French and Arabic languages in Africa.

Evolution of African oral traditions since European colonization.

Examining socio-political movements in Francophone Africa through literature and linguistic conventions.