Giovani Lopez

Giovani  López



Research Interests

Social aspects that influence the use of the forms of treatment tú and usted in the speech of Bogotá, Language and identity, Code switching


BA in Philology and Languages (German). Universidad Nacional de Colombia (Bogotá).

MA in Teaching of Languages (Spanish / TESOL). The University of Southern Mississippi.

Currently pursuing PhD in Spanish (Linguistics track). The University of Alabama.


Dialectal Differences in the Teaching of Culture: The Use of ‘Tu’ and ‘Usted’ by Bogota Youth on Facebook. Presented at the 2015 Alabama Association of Foreign Language Teachers Conference: January 30-31.

Tú and Usted in facebook Messages from soccer fans of two teams of Bogotá. (Poster Presentation). Presented at the 2014 Mississippi Foreign Language Association Conference: October, 25-25.

A Challenge like no other. (Description of a successful English as a Second Language Program). Presented at the 2008 AMTESOL Conference: January 18-19, 2008.

Courses/Teaching Interests

SP 101 Introductory Spanish I

SP 103 Intensive Review Intro Spanish

SP 201 Intermediate Spanish

SP 202 Intermediate Spanish

SP 356 Advanced Grammar and Composition


Giovani is currently working on a book review of Díaz-Campos, Manuel. 2014. Introducción a la Sociolingüística Hispánica. Malden, MA/Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell.