Corinna  Heiss



I am a PhD Student in French literature from Germany and I hope to write my dissertation on a contemporary French author who claims that he invented a new genre called “philo-fiction.”

I studied French, Biology and German as a second language at the University of Constance to become a high school teacher in Germany. As an assistant teacher, I spent seven month on a French overseas department (La Réunion) in the Indian Ocean. After I passed the First State Exam (Master’s equivalent) and Second State Exam in Germany, I got hired by Mercedes Benz as an ILCT(International Language Curriculum Track)-Teacher at Tuscaloosa Academy in 2013. I have been teaching there ever since and enrolled for the PhD Program in January 2015. I very much enjoy combining my scientific knowledge with literature as it is reflected in some of my research papers.


  •  “The ‘Other’ in Montesquieu’s Persian Letters” at the University of Alabama Languages Conference
  •  “Proust as a Scientist” at the Carolina Conference for Romance Studies titled “Text and Text(ure)” at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • “Proust – The Scientist” at the International Conference Language, Literature and Culture in Education 2016 in Venice