Blanca E. Lizardo-Comito

Blanca  E.  Lizardo-Comito

PhD in Spanish Linguistics


  • Ph.D – Spanish Linguistics –  The University of Alabama (in progress)
  • MA –  Modern Language Spanish Literature –  Georgia Southern University (2018)
  • MA – Theological Studies, Divinity in Chaplaincy – Liberty University (2016)
  • MS – Language Studies – University of Hawaii Manoa (2012)
  • BS – American Ethnic Studies – Kansas State University (2010)
  • BA – Modern Languages,  Spanish Literature – Kansas State University (2010)
  • AAS – Education – Cloud County Community College (2005)

Research Interests

Mrs. Comito research interest include relations between Spanish and Quechua speaking sectors such as Perú, Bolivia and Ecuador. Specially how Quechua speakers have increasingly shifted to Spanish and how this relatively stable Quechua-Spanish bilingualism has evolved in the present time. Other areas include Quechua monolingualism, language identity, indigenous languages, revitalization of endangered languages in the Andes, educational reform, language policy, acquisition planning, language-teaching methodologies, and intergenerational transmission of a mother tongue.