students sitting around a picnic table at Lake Nichol
Lake Nichol Spring 2016

The German Club is an affiliation of U.S. students studying German and exchange students from German speaking countries. The club is coordinated by the faculty director of the German House and the club officers.

Membership is open to all students interested in German language and culture. Dues are $15 yearly.

Faculty Advisor:
Raegan Lemmond
263 B.B. Comer Hall
(205) 348-7652

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Date Event Time Location
Wed 8/30 Around the World 11 – 1 Ferguson Center
Thurs 8/31 GOBD 5 – 9 pm Ferg, Promenade, Gorgas
Wed 9/6 Stammtisch 7:30 pm Wilhagan’s
*Sat 9/16 Tailgate


UA vs. Colorado State

TBA Quad (TBA)
Wed 9/20 Stammtisch 7:30 pm Wilhagan’s
Wed 9/27 Filmabend 6:30 pm 203 BB Comer Hall
Wed 10/4 Stammtisch 7:30 pm Wilhagan’s
*Fri 10/6 Oktoberfest 6 – 8 pm German House
Wed 10/11 Filmabend 6:30 pm 203 BB Comer Hall
Sat 10/14 Homecoming


UA vs. Arkansas

TBA Quad (On University across from Rose)
Wed 10/18 Stammtisch 7:30 pm Wilhagan’s
Wed 11/1 Stammtisch 7:30 pm Wilhagan’s
Wed 11/8 Filmabend 6:30 pm 203 BB Comer Hall
Thurs 11/9 Laternenfest  5:30pm Tuscaloosa Academy
Wed 11/15 Stammtisch 7:30 pm Wilhagan’s
Wed 11/29 Stammtisch 7:30 pm Wilhagan’s
*Fri 12/1 Weihnachtsfest 6 – 8 pm German House


The German Club hosts a range of activities including a fall Oktoberfest, Christmas party, spring Fasching/Karneval, and German movie screenings. The Club also sponsors a bi-weekly Stammtisch at Wilhagan’s.


Mittagstisch is organized by the German House director. Students and everyone interested can meet at the Ferguson Center food court (close to Subway) and speak German. Bring your lunch or a cup of coffee. Look for the table with the German flag every Monday from 3:15 to 4:45.


The German Stammtisch is organized by the German Club. This is another great opportunity to practice German while having fun! Meet German residents of Tuscaloosa (i.e., German students, employees of Mercedes and other companies). Come and join the crowd! See the calendar of events for dates and times.

Stammtisch Fall 2016
Stammtisch Fall 2016