Meet our graduate students and graduate teaching assistants for the 2016–2017 academic year:

Zemas Andargachew

Zemas is a first year graduate student and GTA and also a member of the Army ROTC program. He most recently was stationed in Alaska from where he moved to Tuscaloosa. He hopes to earn a commission as a second lieutenant after completing his Masters in German. In his rare spare time, he likes playing volleyball and watching football, and he is definitely a Crimson Tide fan. Zemas will be tutoring German this semester.

Diane Beer

Diane completed her Staatsexamen in American Studies and German as a Foreign Language at the University of Regensburg in Germany. She joined the UA German program in January 2016 and is thrilled to be back in the South after she spent a semester at Murray State University in Kentucky as an undergraduate. She enjoys the weather here and is looking forward to work with the students here. Diane will be teaching GN 101 this semester.

Berni Beringer

Berni  is a native of the Black Forest area, and joined the UA German program in August 2016 after graduating with his Staatsexamen in English, Geography and History from Freiburg / Germany. After completing two internships as a German teacher at Loyola Blakefield High School (2011) and McDonogh High School (2013) in Baltimore, MD, he was working as a Teaching Assistant for German at Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, PA, in 2013. Besides school, Berni worked as a soccer coach in Germany, and he enjoys all sorts of sports activities. Berni will be tutoring German this semester.

Katarzyna Domagalska

Katarzyna, or Kasia for short, is a native of Poland who moved with her family not too long ago to Tuscaloosa. She has already earned an MA in applied German linguistics from the University of Warsaw in Poland, and is now adding a second MA in German linguistics here at UA. Her passion is second language acquisition, and she is excited to enter the program this year. Kasia will be teaching GN 101 this semester.

Annika Fetzer

Annika grew up in Southern Germany and completed her BA in Media and Communications at the Universität Augsburg. While she was working for a TV production company in Munich, she decided to go back to school to pursue a MA in American History, Culture and Society at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. Annika spent a year at Central Michigan University through the Federation of German-American Clubs in 2012-2013, and she is really happy to be back in the US and join the German program at UA. This is her first time in the South, and she enjoys the school spirit and attending football games very much. Annika will be tutoring German this semester.

Jenny Herzky

Jenny joins the UA German program this year as one of the exchanges through the Federation of German-American Clubs from the Universität Bamberg, where she completed a BA in English and American studies with a focus on linguistics. She enjoys reading, bowling, traveling, and learning languages, and is excited about the opportunity to participate in this cultural exchange. She will be teaching GN 101 this semester.

Linda Manthei

Linda completed her Bachelor of Arts with a double major in international studies and German from The University of Alabama in Birmingham. She has spent some time in Leipzig, and is excited to join the German program here in Tuscaloosa. While studying at UAB, she worked as an intern with AlabamaGermany Partnership. Linda enjoys art history, as well as doing yoga in her spare time. She spent this academic year at the Universität Kassel through the exchange with the Federation of German-American Clubs. This semester she will be teaching GN 102.

Gaby Marcks

Gaby is a native of northern Germany who has been living in the US for a number of years. She is employed by the University Libraries in the Interlibrary Loan Office, and a great resource for all of us. She is specifically interested in German linguistics, and enjoys also xyz.

Michael Menase

Michael is currently in the MA program in History, but already taking courses in German to complete an additional MA in our program. He has spent some time Germany, studying in Freiburg and Tübingen. He will be joining the German program full time in the fall.

Boden Robertson

Boden grew up in the Wiregrass region of Southeast Alabama and completed his bachelor’s degree in political science and German here at UA a few years ago. After working in a supervising position in a brick and mortar electronics store, he decided to follow his wish to become a teacher of German, and he is now pursuing his Master of Arts in German studies. Boden spent the past academic year at the Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz through the exchange with the Federation of German-American Clubs. He enjoys cycling, jogging, and any other outdoor activities. This semester he will be teaching GN 102.

Ann-Sophie Röhm

Ann-Sophie completed her studies in Germany for teaching History, English, and Geography in the schools. As an undergraduate she had the opportunity to spent some time in Tuscaloosa studying the history of race relations in Alabama, and decided to return if at all possible to UA. She enjoys sports, reading, and everything related to history. She will be tutoring German this semester

Lisa Steiner

Lisa is a native German and graduated from the University of Education in Freiburg in the Black Forest area of Germany with a degree in Biology, English and Geography (First State Examination). After participating in a High school exchange with a school in Tasmania she spent a semester abroad in Sydney, Australia. In Freiburg, she taught German to refugees as a member of a volunteer organization. She enjoys reading and traveling and enjoys tutoring the undergraduates in the UA German program. She will continue with that in the spring.

Chase Trautwein

Chase is a native of Birmingham, Alabama, and he earned his BS in history with a German minor from Samford University in 2013. He spent the 2013-14 school year at a Berufskolleg in Germany as an English teaching assistant with the Fulbright Program. Chase is living in the German House this year and is pursuing a Master of Arts in German studies. He enjoys movies, hard rock and heavy metal music, and reading. He will be teaching GN 101 this semester.

Sabine Waas

Sabine completed her BA in North American Studies and Communication Science at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München before joining the UA German program in August 2016 through the exchange with the Federation of German-American Clubs. She is a native of Bavaria, and a true fan of Bayern München, the famed Munich soccer club, never missing a game, now watching online from afar. She also loves to travel, and her dream is a road trip through the US. She will be tutoring German this semester, and is also the German House Director for Spring 2017.