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Alabama in France

The Alabama in France summer program features a week-long excursion in Paris and Versailles followed by four weeks of concentrated study at L’Institut de Touraine in Tours. While in Tours, you will be immersed in the language and culture of France as you share the life of a French family. The program is led by UA faculty and lasts 5 weeks.

Alabama in France 2018

May 20–June 24, 2018, Click here for more details.

Intermediate Undergraduate Courses

  • FR 201 Intermediate French I
  • FR 202 Intermediate French II

Upper-Division Undergraduate Courses

  • FR 339 French Civilization (equivalent of FR 331)
  • FR 328 French Conversation (equivalent of FR 321 or 323)
  • FR 329 French Grammar (equivalent of FR 322)
  • FR 380 Special Topics: Language, or Literature
  • FR 480 Special Topics: Language, Literature, Civilization, or Commercial French
  • FR 484 Advanced Conversation and Phonetics (equivalent of FR 421)

Graduate Courses

  • FR 590 Directed Study: Language, Literature, Civilization
  • FR 680 Special Topics: Language, Literature, or Civilization

For more information, contact the 2018 director Dr. Jean-Luc Robin or visit Capstone International Study Abroad: France. Take advantage of this unique learning opportunity, and join us in France!

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