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Alabama in France

The Alabama in France summer program features a week-long excursion in Paris, including guided tours at prominent museums and attendance at multiple performances, and including a day-trip to Versailles, followed by four weeks of concentrated study at L’Institut de Touraine in Tours, while residing with a French family, in your own private room. While in Tours there is a seaside excursion to le Mont-Saint-Michel and Saint Malo and other excursions, including a wine tasting and visits to famous châteaux in la Touraine. As a participant in the program, you will have a truly unforgettable opportunity to be immersed in the language and culture of France. The program is led by a UA faculty member who remains on site for the full duration of the 5 weeks.

Alabama in France 2019

June 23–July 27, 2019, Click here for more details.

Intermediate Undergraduate Courses

  • FR 201 Intermediate French I
  • FR 202 Intermediate French II

Upper-Division Undergraduate Courses

  • FR 328 French Conversation (equivalent of FR 321 or 323)
  • FR 329 French Grammar (equivalent of FR 322)
  • FR 339 French Civilization (equivalent of FR 331)
  • FR 380 Special Topics: Language, or Literature
  • FR 480 Special Topics: Language, Literature, Civilization, or Commercial French
  • FR 484 Advanced Conversation and Phonetics (equivalent of FR 421)

Graduate Courses

  • FR 590 Directed Study: Language, Literature, Civilization
  • FR 680 Special Topics: Language, Literature, or Civilization

For more information, contact the 2019 director Dr. Michael Picone or visit Capstone International Study Abroad: France. Take advantage of this unique learning opportunity, and join us in France!

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